Congrats to the Toronto CSC 2017 poster award winners!

Job well done! Looking forward to the great posters at the CSC 2018 meeting in Edmonton! Oral presentation award winners will be highlighted in an upcoming post.

Materials Chemistry Poster Presentation Winner (Undergraduate Student)

Jacob Rothera, U of Windsor, CSC Chemical Education Award
Materials Chemistry Poster Presentation Winners (Graduate Students)

John Noël, Dalhousie U, Materials Horizons Award
Kyle Fransishyn, U of Saskatchewan, Materials Division Award
Loryn Arnett, U of Toronto, Materials Division Award
Yunyun Wu, U of Windsor, Materials Division Award
Xin Luo, McGill U, Materials Division Award
John Noël by his winning poster; May 29, 2017.

John Noel only CSC 2017

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  1. Dmitriy Soldatov

    This appears to have been the largest poster session in Materials. 147 posters were presented, of which 108 went for competition (17 undergraduate and 91 graduate students). 36 judges were involved, and each poster was evaluated by 2 judges. Congratulation the Winners!

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